Salt & Speed is back… !


Alexandre, Charlotte and Marie are really motivated to achieve new records on these 500 meters. 

The outright World Sailing Speed Record is the best average speed over 500m by a sail-powered contraption; it is different to a peak speed. Alexandre, Charlotte and Marie are really motivated to achieve new records on these 500 meters.

They share their objectives of this 2014 Salt & Speed attempt!

Charlotte Consorti (World Speed Record, 50.43 knots (93km/hr) Namibia) :
“I’m clearly here to improve on my record. Even though I haven’t managed any great speeds of late and I’m not yet familiar with the speed spot, I haven’t set myself any limits.
I really want to pack a punch on a French race zone and I feel like I can fully commit myself to this session. Conditions will be extreme, it’ll be cold and there will be a lot of wind.
We’re going to need to be ready on the big day.”

Marie Desandre Navarre:
I hope that I’m going to be fully fit for this event. In any case, I’m here to give myself a leg up. I feel humbled in light of the mission that lies ahead of me, as this spot is technically very tough. I’m not yet sure whether I’ll be able to take any starts when there’s 50 knots of wind. This session will serve as a test run so that I’m competing at full strength in the spring and in a position to push back my limits. I’m proud to have been invited to compete at Salt and Speed, especially alongside Charlotte Consorti, who is my role model.”

Alex Caizergues (world kite speed record: 56.62 knots - 104.8km/hrs):
I feel very excited to be returning to Salt and Speed. I can’t wait. Initially the aim is to improve on my record. At that point, we’ll think about the 60 knots. The spirit of competition between Rob and I remains strong and it’s a pleasure to welcome Charlotte and Marie. The aim is clear for Charlotte: to beat her own women’s outright world sailing speed record. She’s capable of it. Any teams from Salt and Speed are fully focused on preparing for this session. Christophe Simian will once again be the WSSRC observer.”