Raphael SALLES

A former professional windsurfer with an impressive prize-list, kitesurf pioneer and founder of F-ONE, Raphaël SALLES has spent 30 years of his life on the water riding boards.

Who could pretend even more? Passionate by technique and development, with a rational and analytical approach, he is in charge of the research and development for the brand.

There is no doubt he is on the water for the biggest part of the year. Raphaël defines the axes of development with the team of engineers and in collaboration with Robert GRAHAM for the kites.

Raphaël carries out systematically all the tests on spots all over the world and the team riders feedback is used as an input for the development. Finally, the boss oversees the final modifications and tuning with the factories before production is launched. This is  unquestionably the central point as F-One is a very reactive brand thanks to the skills of the whole team and remains connected to the main field of the sport and to your needs. 


As a professional designer, Robert works in close collaboration with Raphaël SALLES on the design of the kites.

The collaboration between these two personalities was an evidence based on the common values they share: the search for constant innovation and the importance given to the smallest details as much as overall quality.

This designer has been able to combine his passions for water and air as he also has long list of achievements in sailing.

His proven practice and skills of sports mixing wind and water have made of him a genuine expert of the field.



Micka is the rider F-ONE needed to help Raphaël with the tests.

KPWT freestyle world champion in 2005, he is also a former kite instructor. He completely masters all kiting disciplines and really understands the needs of the market.

With many years of experience on his log, Micka is a true waterman and excels in all kinds of discipline: twin-tip, strapless surfing as well as stand up paddling... Passionate about research, he is committed to spend hours on the water to analyze the characteristics of a kite and make comparative testing.

His presence with us enables to push the tests to the finest details and speed up our development pace.